How do parents organize vacations with (and without) their kids after a divorce? What types of details related to vacations will your agreement clarify? What vacation-related topics will your agreement not address? Answers to all that and more in Episode 86!

What happens when you're scheduled to be with your kids but you can't be with them - for instance, due to a work trip? What if you're the non-scheduled parent in that scenario? Do yuo have the right to be with your kids? The obligation? In Episode 85, we discuss the "right of first refusal," a handy clause that's commonly found in the parenting section of your agreement.

One the bigger tasks when you're divorcing is to organize and understand your financial situation. This provides the foundation for all subsequent negotiations around finances, but many spouses are at a loss for how to get started. Over the next four episodes, we'll cover the basics of how to begin organizing your finances, vis-a-vis your income, expenses, assets and debts. Episode 75 focuses on income.

In the course of your divorce negotiation, you may face the question of whether, and to what degree, to take less (or provide more) than the law calls for. How can you determine, in your particular situation, whether that's the right thing to do? How can you ensure that a decision you make today is not one you regret down the road?

It's uncommon for someone to feel like their divorce process resolved too quickly. The opposite is more frequently the case. Why does divorce take as long as it does, and often so much longer than divorcing spouses would like? And what can you do to move your divorce along more quickly?

Many people wonder if they can update their will or other estate planning documents before their divorce is finalized. Sometimes yes, sometime no. Episode 71 provides an overview of the ways in which changes to estate planning are typically restricted during divorce, and common exceptions to those restrictions.

Once you and your spouse have agreed to the amount and duration of child support and/or spousal support, there are two important questions you need to answer. One, do you want to speak to whether support may change in the future, in amount or duration? Two, if so, do you want to speak to exactly how support would change? Episode 69 will take you though how to think about support "modification" in the context of your divorce negotiation.